Born in Modesto, CA. 1951

I was raised in CA. until age 15, then was moved to Idaho for 1 year,
Then to WA State, Met my wife Ruth & moved to OR then to CA.

I drove a semi-truck for 27 years untill I had a terrible wreck
Top one in 2000 & the second one in 1995.
I went to school after being out of school for 33 years The 9th grade is as far as I went, so when I went back to school, it was real hard for me I went on to get a degree in Web site designing, and also as a Computer Technican.
If I can make a switch like that, you can do Internet Marketing.
I now live in WA State & have settled down.

I am an Internet Marketer , a Web site Designer, a Computer Technician, I love helping people with my little bit of knowledge of the Internet. I went to Web site Designing school and received a degree in March of 2003 I then went on to Graduate as a Computer Technician and received my degree in November of 2003 I now work as an Internet Marketer for myself

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